Feel Better Now

The Feldenkrais Method® of movement education stands alone as a gentle, yet rigorous means to improve movement and self-limiting postural habits. Gg is here to provided individual hands-on sessions called Functional Integration® as well as Awareness through Movement® group classes.

Functional Integration (FI)®

Individual appointments with Gg will help you learn new patterns of coordination while reducing muscular tension and pain, improved balance, power, flexibility, and calm. During a session, the student lies comfortably on a table, fully clothed, while the practitioner uses his or her hands to show them new options in movement of which they may be unaware.

Awareness through Movement (ATM)® classes

Students are verbally guided through movement sequences in order to gain awareness and refine the ‘how’ of  basic functional movements such as reaching, sitting, bending, and walking.  Founded on principles of biophysics and neuroplasticity,  it is safe and helpful for people of all abilities. Students often report feeling more flexible, coordinated, and calm.



To schedule an appointment or find out more call Gg at 619-987-6345 or email gg@helpfulmovement.com